Safety policy of Matrimom

We are Matrimom Welcome to our safety policy information. At Matrimom we are very Seriously of your safety. We are Respect your time you register at Matrimom. You should be very clear of what you can share or what you don’t. We have create software in the way you can feel secure. please go through all our list of Safety Policy.

Send or Accept interest of profiles

At Matrimom anyone can send Interest to any other profiles. It’s on you to accept or decline interest, if any case want to remove accept profile you can. Please be aware of fake profiles, if any fake profiles you think please report or block the profile immediately. Will take action we are monitoring. More Than five block profile will be hold for 3 months.

Chat Online

At Matrimom same chat option as other website provide. But both side profile should accept to chat. Before sharing your address and phone mobile or any contact details please be clear to understand each other perfectly. Until that keep knowing each other by chatting.

Meeting Offline

Before you go to meet each other please be understand each other very carefully. And fixed meeting, please make a meeting in public place until you feel secure with each other.

If Meeting is doing by parents confirm they are parents and go to meet the place they said to come but it should be on you to go or not, check whether the place of visiting is secure to you or not.

If any case you feel insecure or uncomfortable on meeting leave a meeting immediately, and any problem you face, you can take a support from local area security service provide by your country government law.

Please never share your personal financial details to any one, if anyone asking money don’t share any until you get full believing on each other.

Other Safety

At Matrimom we email you to verify email, if any offline chats and Profile interested request sent to email, very occasions we sent newsletters, We never ask to share your password, mobile number and address please be aware of this types mails, naver share your personal details.