My 'Arranged' Marriage Story

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My 'Arranged' Marriage Story

So, Shefali ji, you like Akshay Kumar? Even I like him a lot. Ask why? Why? Because he is Rajesh Khanna's daughter's husband that’s why So? I'm a big fan of Rajesh Khanna So, I'd obviously like his family. Raghav, have you ever had a girlfriend? Yes, I have had one. But there's no problem. Please don't pity me. Okay. See, I want to go for a love marriage That's my dream since childhood Raghav, Meera has made us meet each other This is an 'arranged' meeting, Yes, but Whether love happens before or after marriage Isn't it the same thing? And, if our marriage goes well Even then it'll be called love marriage, right? Interesting perspective And, Shefali ji if we fall in love just as we talk to each other even then it'll be called love marriage, right? Maybe. You can call it love-cum-arranged And if we fall in love after marriage Then that also loves marriage. The first one, remember? Raghav, you are confusing me Leave it, Shefali ji I've understood it all, I'll explain it all to you in the coming dates. What will you have for eating? Umm..Pizza? I get a bit upset when I come here Anyway, let it be Do you remember Sanya ji's track.

Sanya ji, how did you like the song? I got goosebumps I'm happy Why? That you like my choice in movies and music Even I really like your choice, Sanya ji The lyrics are really meaningful Old songs have more meaningful lyrics And, the lyrics are meaningful for us as well, right? How? Please listen to this part properly Sanya ji If you hold my hand like this then I can change the world For the world You should say yes to us for our wedding Raghav, are you ready for marriage right now? Yes, I have been ready since childhood Okay. Leave all that What did you have for lunch? I had Pao Bhaji for lunch Yes, Meera Ma'am? What have you done in the meeting today? Today, I just told them all of your teachings to her I think she is impressed Are you close to the office? Office? Yes, why? Come to the tea stall quickly What are you doing in the office on a Saturday? Had to come because of you You came for me to the office? Don't irritate me, come fast... Okay, I'm coming. Hang on Let's get this straight Do you want to get married or are you just passing time? Is this something to talk about, Meera Ma'am I want to get married since childhood Okay Tell me one thing Have you ever done sales? Yes, manager sir takes me some times to meet prospects What happens there? We sell ourselves What do you tell the prospect? Our company does the best job does it at the best price And, whatever is written in the manual You tell the prospect whatever he wants to hear, right? Yes Then why don't you sell yourself during these meetings with girls? Why do you start talking like drunkards? Listen I have less time I'll tell you some basic things Just follow those, okay? Okay. Whenever you meet a girl Ask her about herself Ask her about her work Ask her about her family Why do you start this love-cum-arranged marriage thing? Listen I have another interesting tip Why don't you talk to her about astrology? Ask her about her sun sign? In fact, ask her if she believes in Kundli or not Just see, how much fun you'll have to debate with her Please get one Latte for her And, please get one Latte for me as well Please give sugar separately Okay What were you saying, Sanya ji? I told you about Disha, no? Her wedding has been fixed She hasn't even turned 24, but What happened? Are Can you tell me about her sun sign? Umm, Scorpio? What's her date of birth? I'll give you her Kundli.. I've learnt all of these things I've become quite mathematical And, you know? Our 30 gunas match with each other Our match is made in heaven Sanya ji Are you okay? Hope you got pressure in the morning? Have you gone mad? But you said, your mood gets spoilt if you don't feel the pressure in the morning Raghav, you spoil everything You just don't have an idea about what I want to talk about Become a bit sensitive please So, that's about it Do all of this sequentially, all will be okay Are you listening? Where are you lost? Yes, yes Okay, I'll leave then Meera Ma'am I got a new match She has just accepted my interest That's great. Do you remember everything? Yes. We have to take it to forward this time, okay? Okay, Meera Ma'am? Can you WhatsApp your tips to me? I register a bit late Okay, alright then.