My 'Arranged Marriage’ Story | "Love at First Sight"

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My 'Arranged Marriage’ Story |

I work for RT Technologies Android App Development I see. So, you're an engineer? Yes. But, I don't have any problem with the commerce stream. In any case, amongst us Baniyas.

We really respect you so, have you had any girlfriends? Yes both of us were meant to be together what happened then? Then, she left me. Raghav Ji, I'm really sorry That's fine, Shweta Ji I want to go for a love marriage If not my ex, then someone else maybe Love marriage? But we are in the arranged marriage market, right? Shweta Ji, you can say that I want to go for a love cum arranged marriage what is that? Does that mean if the both of us start liking each other and then roam around a bit and then fall in love and get married then won't it be a love cum arranged marriage?

So, what are your hobbies? I watch a lot of movies Even I watch movies Rajesh Khanna is my favourite actor I prefer Hollywood Even I watch Hollywood Titanic is my favourite movie I cried as I watched that movie So, Shweta Ji Will you take sugar in coffee? No, I prefer it plain You are doing quite a good thing though Even I have become very particular about my health these days. Last week, Mom made Bread pakoras from brown bread they were tasty and healthy Raghav Ji, I'll take your leave What? Now? I was thinking that after coffee I'll take you for a long drive, we could go to India Gate and have ice cream I have some work, so I'll have to leave You don't like ice cream? We can have matar kulcha That's not the case, Raghav Ji. Let's meet at India Gate some other day. Oh means our second date? Yes, the second date I'll leave, Raghav Ji. It was nice to meet you.

Even Shweta Ji rejected me. Did you see my profile picture? It seems okay. Okay, let it be. You must have realised That going for love marriage is my dream And, you must be having a lot of questions Let me take the story forward You'll keep getting the answers to your questions I'll tell you about my original love story I have an ordinary life Office in the morning, home in the evening Don't get me wrong I'm quite interesting otherwise And, I have got a good sense of humour Till the time I started working I had never had a girlfriend What to say? I used to feel bashful.

One day, she saw me I saw her And I thought that I found my soulmate Whenever I saw her My troubles used to go away I don't know how I couldn't fall for someone else I could only think about her. What to do? Yes, I know, these lines are not original But understand my feel Sanya Ji This is her name She turned out to be a baniya like me I thought that my love marriage scene is set and my Mom will also be happy You like Vada Pav? Even I like it What's that thing that you like and I don't Is sugar okay in the coffee? - Absolutely Sanya ji? Yes, Raghav? You look great. Thank you. Sanya Ji? Yes? - Can I ask you something? Yes, absolutely. You won't feel bad, no? No no. Say. You could have found many better guys then why did you choose to date me? I praise you so much. Do you want more? Sanya ji, please tell me. Raghav, you are nice, you are caring What else do I need? And anyway I wanted a boyfriend, not a Superman. Only he is perfect, right? You are very nice, Sanya ji. I don't want to listen to my praises.

Will you go and watch Fan with me? Sure, why not? When? This Saturday? Yes sir? Yes, sir, I have compiled the code I had a word with John as well I sent a copy to him Okay sir. I come here to have chai with my college senior This is an SEZ area, she works in the neighbouring building Had she been younger than me I swear I would have married her What would I have told Mom? She is not a baniya What happened? What happened, Raghav? You have been disturbing me on Lync since morning Think about other's work sometimes Will WhatsApp work in the future? How much will you irritate me? I would have felt disturbed on WhatsApp as well. Okay, I'm sorry. What's wrong? Shweta Ji also rejected me Till the time you improve, the girls will keep rejecting you Where's my fault Meera Ma'am? You only said that 'Be Yourself'. So I said that I'm a huge Rajesh Khanna fan She said that she watches Hollywood movies That's fine then, that means she was not your type Yes, but I had started liking her Had we talked for a few days I might have fallen in love with her Why do you keep looking for Sanya in every girl? This would have been an arranged marriage With Sanya it would have been a love marriage Got it? - But Meera Ma'am, I want to go for love marriage You don't fall in love by looking at someone's cast It happens on its own And, I know Your Mom wants that your marriage should be in your cast Just think of it as an arranged marriage and go for it Whether love happens before marriage or after marriage How does it matter? Listen I know a girl at the office She's baniya She's looking for a guy to get married to Should I get a meeting arranged? - Why not? Can you show me her photo? I'll send you a link to her profile And, it's very late. You'll get me kicked out of my job. I'm going. I don't know what Kid I have adopted.