Successful Marriage Stories: Funny Married Couple Give Cute Relationship Tips

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Successful Marriage Stories: Funny Married Couple Give Cute Relationship Tips

I'm Helene, I'm Hank (or Cookie whatever). And how long have we been married? -- We're not married. No, see, he doesn't have any money. And the reason why I'm not married is that I don't have any money because she took it all! So why marry him? And I can't go away anywhere because I mean, who wants me now that I ain't got no money?

Well, I like older women to start with. -- Yeah. I'm 29 years and she's 33 years, so… And we found our kids on the steps they rolled onto (together) the doorstep. So, we brought them in, We brought them in, we felt bad you know. What else do you want to know? My father worked at the airport, he was a cop at the airport and on the side, he used to sell toys. And her mother purchased some.

Well me just coming out of the service, my father had a job for me. I come home on a Friday. And I'm going to go to deliver toys. So I go and I knock on the door and here comes this beautiful girl. (Helene) You know you will get to know that person just talking to them, and you'll become friends before you become lovers.

People do make mistakes but if you're good friends you have a tendency to forgive because you know that friend when they're really sorry, they are. (Hank) I never made any mistakes. Oh! (laughs) Oy! (together) Oy! (Helene) So we are married 62 years. Three children three girls. Three children Three girls -- We have three Yeah (Helene) Candy, Cindy, (together) and Chris (Hank) And of course they're very ah very kind and gentle - like their father - Yeah know I would assume. I get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, I make her coffee, and I take her to work. (Helene) I teach art, I volunteer 55 to 92.

Been there 17 years for free. (Helene) So I do mail cards, greeting cards. He gives them at Christmas time to the grocery stores... Yeah ...to the people that work there – all my buddies ...that are kind to him. Yeah, He gives them to people that may be standing there and they kind of look sad. (Hank) Yeah, you have to really cooperate and there is a really a lot more rough than easy. Unless you know they're gifted in somehow, or whatever. (Helene sighs) Do you see what I got to put up with? (Helene) If you look at each other, -- work together, and you know it's a bad day or whatever, you've got your best friend with you. You’ve got your best friend.

Do you know all the kind of things that are going on all around you? Don't you think if you can -- Yeah take that person's hand for that minute, -- hmmm and uh, feels kind of, -- Yeah it's not just you, -- Yeah it's not just you. -- Yeah. You you are with someone. (Helene) You know you just you get married... -- and you have to build them up ...and then you forget, you forget to say “Hey, you really did a great job!” Oh, he still tells me “Boy, you look very nice,” or he'll say, “Gee, your hair looks nice.” Thank you! -- You're welcome! Anything to shut me up. (laughing) -- See how kind I was to you? Ah, well I'd rather you go… [laughing] Oh you don't want my kiss, here give it back. [laughing] Dog! -- Goofy! See, she wants me to stop, see? That’s what she does to me, she just shuts me up! (Hank) Now she dresses me and we used to wear about if it was either that I had a suit on or a tuxedo or whatever, you know.

But I had a friend that used to go to New York and dressed her… Listen to me... -- What? listen, --What? Listen to me! -- I’m listening. Don't you dare say what you're gonna say? -- I’m gonna say it! No... -- Yeah ... because this is for church! You can't say that! You have not laid out your underwear don’t, don't say a word! Or your socks, or your pants, or shirt. -- Right. Who cuts your toe, -- Can I...? who cuts your toenails? You do. -- Who does your nails? You do. Now, now... Can I say something? -- Maybe, what? OK, you have never shopped for shoes, you never shop for your underwear, you never shop for your clothes, you never shop for your coats. I don't like shopping, it's a waste! -- Well, who used to do it? You. -- Ah, OK. Well, I mean, just so you know that you know. (both laughing) [laughing] Dog! -- Just so you know that! Dog! Yeah. Yeah. (Hank) Yeah, so you just have to persevere and always get the last word in, "Yes, dear". That's right! -- Yes yeah yes yes dear yes. I always got the last word. All teenyboppers listening- Get the last word in, yes dear. -- That’s right. And you’ll make it. Yes! [laughing] Look at them all laughing! -- all will make it. Look at 'em all laughing!